Grenke Classic | GM Meier dominated GM Aronian

GM Georg Meier had a fantastic start at Grenke Chess Classic and even got a slight edge against GM Aronian at the end of the game. Unfortunately Meier was in time trouble before move 40 and he missed one move that most likely would have decided the game in his favour.


Aronian has just played 39. f3? This is a very bad move since this exposes the weaknesses on the kingside. Black can now easily start an attack with 39. – Nf5 followed by 40. – Qc7. But Meier only had one minute left on the clock and chose 39. – h5 instead and it was a dead draw. In any case this was a thrilling game and we give our thanks to Georg for this fantastic game. Today we look forward to his game versus the world’s best female player GM Hou Yifan who made a big upset yesterday with her sensational win against world’s number 3 GM Caruana! Follow Meier’s game live today at Chess24.

More info at Grenke Chess Classic.