At Södervärn in Malmö, more specifically at Ahlmansgatan 20B and just steps away from Möllevångstorget, you will find our beautiful clubhouse with activity six days a week!

Chess for children and juniors is something that we are paying extra attention to, with several specially trained coaches, including GM Tiger Hillarp-Persson and enthusiast Olle Persson who has been awarded a prize by the Swedish Chess Federation for his efforts in youth activities!


The benefits of being a member of our club

As a member, you can participate in all association events, such as tournaments, training, etc. You may participate in all the competitions organized by the Swedish Chess Federation and the Chess Federation of Skåne. The membership fee is currently SEK 1200 / year for seniors and 900 SEK for juniors and support members. Young people pay 600kr / semester or 1000 / year. You are not interested in external competitive events, you can choose to become a supporting member.

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The benefits of becoming a sponsor

As a sponsor of the club, you contribute to help our young people in a game that trains them in logical thinking and strategist. Several independent studies show that chess increases young people’s ability to solve various mathematical and logical problems. Other positive effects include improved concentration and enhanced visualization capability.While you will be given the opportunity to meet and play with any of our grand master of chess! ..

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The benefits of playing chess

Schack är ett spel för alla åldrar. Man kan lära sig det när i livet man vill. Åldern har ingen betydelse; gammal som ung kan spela tillsammans, flickor och pojkar kan tävla mot varandra på lika villkor.

  • Schack utvecklar minnet
  • Schack förbättrar koncentrationen
  • Schack utvecklar det logiska tänkandet
  • Schack utvecklar fantasin och kreativiteten..


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