Nice finish by GM Georg Meier

Grenke Chess Classic started off very well for GM Georg Meier who got a draw against GM Levon Aronian in the first round. Then followed some tough moments against GM Hou Yifan and GM Fabiano Caruana, where he basically lost due to time trouble. After these losses, he recovered and finished with three draws against GM Naiditsch, GM Vachier-Lagrave and GM Blübaum.

GM Vachier-Lagrave seemed to be very frustated about Meier’s novelty in move 12 in his favourite opening Rubinstein French, 12. … Bc5! followed by 13. … e5!


“The moment I realized, in kind of my chess analysis at home, that Bc5 is very strong, I was sure I would be able to use it against some very strong player, because it looks very counter-intuitive to move the bishop that is developed once again while my queenside is still sleeping,” Meier said to

Why did nobody else play 12… Bc5 before? Because it’s far from first choice of the computer. This is when you “hit something precious,” as Meier called it.

The loss in the fifth round against GM Carlsen, with an early dubious 5. g3, we believe was due to Meier showing too much respect for the reigning world champion.

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