GM Jobava in the lead of Rapid World Championships!

Today the Rapid World Championships starts in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia with a record 2 million USD in total prize fund!

Two of Malmö AS top players, GM Baadur Jobava and GM Levan Pantsulaia are taking part in this dazzling event!

Pantsulaia had a very promising start with a win over top 10 player GM Maxime Vachier-Lagrave but unfortunately he lost his match in the fourth round.

Jobava however had a an amazing five first five rounds, with four wins and one draw, now being in the lead with 4.5 points together with GM Fedoseev!

In the fourth round, he got a very impressive win over GM Wang Hao, Below the position after move 19 in that game. Jobava plays with the white pieces.

20. Nc6!

Man, what a move! And this was the beginning of the end where Jobava was completely dominating the game.

The game ended:

20… Rxd1 21. Rxd1 Bf6 22. Na7 O-O  23. h3 b524. Nd6 Bd7  25. hxg4 fxg4  26. Qxg4 Be7  27. Qxg6+ hxg6  28. Bf3 Rb8  29. Nxf7 1-0

In the fifth round, Jobava comfortably won against English GM Luke McShane with the black pieces. Pantsulaia is 35th with 3.0 out of 5 after the first day.