The Thursday Group

Youth training is often the main activity and source of income for most clubs. But adult members who simply want to become slightly better players just because chess is so fun and interesting, are often forgotten. After all, it is your own responsibility to read, play, practice and improve as good you can – no one else can do it for you.

In the spring of 2014, we started the “Thursday Group” where those who want to participate trains with each other! The group analyses games or chess puzzles.

Ranking-wise the group consists of new players from ELO 1200 and up to old “chess foxes” as group founder Jan Kälveus with ELO 1850.

Usually the group starts at 19.00 and then typically a game or certain position is analysed. Then it is free for everyone to show their games and anyone may comment on what was good and what could be improved.

Also the group is trying to get some of the club’s top players to participate in the analysis sessions.


Jan has made the following summary of the Thursday Group:

The main purpose of the Thursday Group is continuity, that it will continue for long, and that the training level is controlled by the players below ELO 2000. Everyone should dare to be active and ask questions. Furthermore it is the intention that the participants should get a better understanding of different playing ideas and game strategies. The sessions could also include discussions on weak squares, evaluate possibilities to start a kingside attack or when to exchange pieces in order to reach the endgame.

Private Sessions with Grand Masters

In case you have further ambitions to develop your chess, we can also arrange private sessions with our Grand Masters Tiger Hillarp-Persson and Baadur Jobava. Contact us for further information and pricing.