At Södervärn in Malmö

More specifically at Ahlmansgatan 20B and just steps away from the famous square Möllevångstorget, you will find our beautiful clubhouse with activities six days a week!

We are giving a lot of special attention to children and juniors with several specially educated coaches, including GM Tiger Hillarp-Persson, Daniel Lundqvist and last but not least enthusiast Olle Persson who was recently awarded a prize by the Swedish Chess Federation for his efforts in youth chess activities and training.

Every Saturday we welcome to our popular “Saturday Blitz” which never takes vacation! Every Saturday at 12.00 you can play blitz games (5 minutes games) with everybody that joins the competition! Beginners and professionals are welcome here to play and we always have our popular café open, hosted by CM Richard Persson.

Malmö AS Chess also puts a lot of energy into our Swedish Premium League Team. Here you will find the chess legend GM Ulf Andersson (widely regarded as Sweden’s greatest chess player of all time along with GM Gideon Ståhlberg) plus the superstars GM Baadur Jobava and GM Georg Meier, both world top 100 players. All these players are great role models for our junior players and once in a while our juniors will also get their chance to beat them in our simultaneous display exhibition events!

The club also acts as an important social function as we are inviting everyone, regardless of origin, colour or social background, to join our amazing club! It is the sheer passion for this great game that unites us! Will you join us, too?

Malmö AS Chess

Ahlmansgatan 20B, 214 27 Malmö