Martin won Mragel Open

A big congratulations to Martin Silwer! Here is a summary of Håkan Willard:

Martin won Mragel Open!

The tournament was held in LASK facilities at Trollebergsvägen in Lund 3-5 nov and the arrangement held a good class.

The Layout was 5 games of Schweizer with 90 min for the game and 30 sec increment per move. One game was played on friday evening and the remaining 4 games was played on saturday and sunday.

MAS was represented by Martin Silwer, Joakim Wahlström and Håkan Willard. Joakim and Håkan had the unfortunate to meet and lose some points to talented juniors. Martin in a impressive style, share the tournament victory with Emil Lindahl from Växjö.

A big congratulations to Martin!

Håkan WIllard

Mas also wants to congratulate Glenn for his performance in Kristianstad Chess Cup with a very strong second place.