Scandic Ariadne Masters | 4-6 november

Two of our players from Malmo AS was with the very top of the battle before the final round on Sunday in this competition, which was held in Stockholm, namely GM Georg Meier and WIM Inna Agrest, also two very important players in our first team in the Elite League! And there were certainly many who were surprised to Inna Low equal first for the final round after winning over IM Pontus Sjödahl in the seventh round! Let’s take a look over the final phase of the party:

Standings after 24. Thg1.


Seemingly a complex situation where Sjödahl goes wrong with the lady after 24. Thg1 and DH6? 25. SG3! and the quality of earnings is a fact. The lady must instead to e8 to keep the party alive.

Win Drawn 25. Sg3!


Sjödahl forced to give up a few moves later. This meant 6 of 7 points for Inna facing the last round then had the chance to win the whole competition!

Let us rewind the tape a little. Points loss for Inna came in fourth the round rapid chess game against GM Oleg Korneev, one of the favorites. I looked at the party live and Inna dominated and stood on the win after a draw in the WRONG MOVE 29. Here already began to suspect that Inna would have something special going on in this tournament.

Standings after 28 – Dd6.
Inna has just played 28. – DD6 to address the threat Lxh6. Korneev sees, however, very worried and undeniable Inna a hard pressure with their runners and the lady onKorneevs king wing. 29. Txb8? Dxb8 and Inna will now try to gain peace in the country.
Standings after 34. Dd7.

A few moves later, the Inna “just” playing the seemingly simple move 34. – TF8, but out of time and against an experienced grandmaster, this is easier said than done. Instead 34. – DB5? 35. Dxf7 and Inna lose the initiative. Then undervalues she fribonden the d-line, and she drops unfortunately, the whole lot. Personally, I feel that her contribution in the party was impressive. Uncompromising and aggressive play that was worth a better fate. With this party that background, it was really deserved that she stood up for the party and won three straight games!

Our great master Georg Meier was with Korneev pre-favorites to win the tournament and rightly steamed Meier with four straight wins in the rapid chess rounds! In the fifth round, and the tournament’s first long party he encountered, however certain patrolled by “dropping” a referral to the IM Pontus Sjödahl. The ex post analysis shows, however, that Meier could have won comfortably, but the continuation of the following positions was not easy to see!

Standings after 33. – Kf6.

34. Le2!!
A subtle, prophylactic move that threatens damförlust with Lg 4. Then, the white lady played to f3 with King attacks.

Fiktiv ställning efter 34. – Dc7 35. Db3 Kg6 36. Lg4 Dc7 37. Lf5 Kf6 38. Df3.


Meier did not find this move and in their eagerness to find the right moves, he was instead at the end struggle to cope Remin. Meier then played a draw toward the end victorious Korneev and Meier had to settle for an honorable second place, even though the same party points Korneev. Inna finished in a fine sixth place (after a disappointing loss against IM Axel Ornstein in the last round) and we congratulate both Inna and George for the fantastic efforts of Scandic Ariadne Masters!

Other participants from Malmo AS was Olof Sjödahl and Stefan Printz.

Read more about the competition at Scandic Ariadne Masters website.

Text: Stefan Printz


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