Malmö AS Schack plays in the Swedish Premium League after having won the Super One League last year. Here you will find well-known chess players such as chess legend GM Ulf Andersson (widely regarded as Sweden’s most prominent chess player along with GM Gideon Ståhlberg), GM Tiger Hillarp-Persson, GM Lars Schandorff, WIM Inna Agrest and last but not least our world stars Super-GM Baadur Jobava och GM Georg Meier.



GM Ulf Andersson is Sweden’s most well-known and merited chess player. He became a grand master in 1972 and belonged to the world top during the 70’s, 80’s and the 90’s. Among other things, Ulf was the first palyer to beat Anatoly Karpov after he had become the world champion in 1975. Today Ulf is usually seen as a commentator in several tournaments and works as an ambassador and coach for Swedish chess. Ulf still plays rarely, why it is a privilege for Malmö AS Chess to have Ulf as an important anchor in our team.



WIM Inna Agrest is our latest recruitment and one of Sweden’s most promising players. In 2009, she acquired here international master title and has represented the Swedish National Women’s Team for many years. She also had a very successful youth career with a bronze medal in the European Championships for 18 year old players as her best result. She has a style which as aggressive but controlled. During the Chess Olympics in Baku last year (2016), she was very successful at the second board for Sweden and she continues to increase her FIDE rating.



The chess equivalent to Zlatan Ibrahimovic. This is a world artist in chess that does things on the chess board that nobody else does, when he is at his best. GM Baadur Jobava recently won the Chess Olympiad 2016 in Baku in superior style with wins over former world champions Topalov and Ponomariov. Especially the latter game has got chess journalists around the world to compete in superlatives of Jobava as one of the greatest chess players of today. Among other merits include two wins over world champion Magnus Carlsen.



Just across the Swedish-Danish bridge, you will find one of Denmark’s most renowned and respected chess players, GM Lars Schandorff. In 1988 he became the Danish champions and besides his own career he also acts as national team coach of the Danish national team. An interesting anecdote, that surely few people know about, is that he played a draw against the famous chess computer “Deep Blue” in connection with IBM’s preparation of the silicon monster’s encounter against the then-world champion Garry Kasparov in the 90’s.



GM Tiger Hillarp-Persson started his career as a junior in Malmö AS already in 1984. He shortly became a prodigy in chess and started to pile up titles. Nordic Champion in 1999, twice Swedish Champion in 2008 and 2009. He has also numerous wins in open international tournaments and is still today one of the most active Swedish chess players at grand master level. Tiger is also well-known for his work on the “Modern Defense”. The theories have been used by the very world top players, including World Champion Magnus Carlsen. He has several chess training assignments and is also responsible for Malmö AS Chess elite trainings with the club’s most talented players. Tiger is also playing for the Swedish National Team.



GM Georg Meier is living in Sweden since a few years and recently joined Malmö AS to play on the top board. He has been established as a Top 100 player since many years and is also playing for one of the best club teams in the world, OSC Baden Baden, in his home country Germany. In 2011 he became a European Champion with his German national team. Here in Sweden, Georg made himself a big name when he won Elite Hotels Open in Växjö two years ago (2015).



FM Babak Malekian chess genius who wanted to become chess professionals but instead became a poker pro! If you ever call him and he plays on 20 poker tables at the same time, do not be surprised! He missed chess too much however, and decided to return to chess two year ago to play with Malmö AS in the Super One Leage where he scored very well. In last year’s Elite Hotels Open in Växjo (2016), he also received a lot of attention when he defeated GM Johnny Hector in a thrilling game.