Splendid Jobava in Xtracon Chess Open

GM Baadur Jobava is showing an excellent form in Xtracon Chess Open. In the eight round, we could watch a showdown with one of the chess world’s most respected players and former world champion runner-up GM Nigel Short. Jobava took the command early on in the game, especially after 8… c6 by Short, which was heavily criticized by many chess experts.

In the below diagram, Short is heavily pressured and is trying to break-out from the iron grip. But in fact there is an amazing sequence leading to mate!


Black has just played Qe6 och and might not have been aware of the killing moves waiting around the corner:

36. Qb3!

Now Na5 looks very tempting for black after the queen exchange, almost look like saving him.

36… Qxb3  37. Rxb3 Na5?



38. e6! Nxb3?  39.exf7 Kh8  40. Re7 Nd2  41. Re8ch Rxe8  42. fxe8=Q  43.Rxe8  44. f7 Re1ch  45. Kg2 Re2ch  46. Kh3 Kf2  47. Be5ch Rf6  48. Bxf6#


The final mating position.

A fantastic game signed by our chess magician Jobava!

Jobava could then rather easily secure the victory of the tournament by drawing the last two games against GM Nikita Vitiugov and GM Ivan Saric, the only one with 8.5 points out of 10.

“This was a very important result for me before World Cup on home soil in Tbilisi in September”, said a happy Jobava.

As if it was not enough with the overall victory, Jobava also won the prize for the most beautiful game, which was against IM Kevin Goh Wei Ming in the fifth round. The game contained a queen sacrifice among many other amazing ingredients… Read Lars Grahn’s blog about this game.

GM Tiger Hillarp-Persson was on a shared third place before the ninth round. Unfortunately he had two tough rounds, losing first to GM Simen Agdestein and then to British player Stephen Dishman, who scored an IM-norm at Tiger’s expense…