Jan Kälveus plays in Xtracon Chess Open

On this blog we tell a lot about our grandmasters victories and successes but we shall not forget our amateur players!


Jan Kälveus (ELO 1856) is in a very good shape and has1969 in performance rating and 4.0 out of 8 games. Among the nice results we can mention two draws against Per Skjoldager (ELO 2126) from Denmark and Christian Salerno (ELO 2056) from Switzerland.

However we would like to show a very nice game Jan did against Christoffer Vinter (ELO 1633).


Black is to play and the obvious move seems to b Bf5.

However, black responds with exchanging queens which becomes the initial point for a dangerous attack from Jan:

18. … Qg6  19. Qxg6 Kxg6  20. Bd3+ f5?? (instead Kg7)  21. Nd2! e5  22.f3 e4


23. Bc4!

Black cannot play Bh5 due to the mate threat, but still he makes this mistake…!

23. …Bh5 Rxh5!

After this, Jan could easily win the game.

In the ninth round (out of 10), Jan plays against FM Eric Brondum (ELO 2040) where Jan has good chances to surprise us!