Grenke Classic/Open | Tough Day

The day started off really promising with Ritvars Reimanis beating Dutch chess prodigy IM Robby Kevlishvili (ELO 2414) in a sharp and unbalanced Sicilian game. After that win Ritvars had 4.5 out of 6.0 in the Open tournament which is absolutely excellent. In the seventh round however, luck turned as his next opponent IM Noel Studer was showing really solid play and there was not much Ritvars could do in that game.


Ritvars Reimanis, Malmö AS

Our second contestant in the Open tournament, WIM Inna Agrest, had some good chances today versus GM Eduard Andreev (ELO 2438) from Ukraine. However she lost eventually and in the seventh round she drew against Fabian Eber (ELO 2121) after having blundered a piece. However, she pulled herself together and saved the draw. We spoke with Inna after the game and she was really unhappy with the day. But we know Inna’s mentality well and she will for sure recover and bounce back tomorrow in the final rounds!


WIM Inna Agrest, Malmö AS

To make things worse, time trouble once again ruined GM Georg Meier’s chances in the Classic tournament. Meier had played his typical, solid and flawless chess. He had a clear advantage up to move 23.


Also in this game, Meier had severe time trouble with only 8 minutes left until the 40th move time control. This is a difficult position with 24. b4! as the critical move. However, Meier starts to play passively with 24. h3 and Hou responds with 24. – d4 and takes over the game completely and could win convincingly 10 moves later. Despite the loss, it is nice to see that the chess world now have a female chess player that can challenge the top 10 players. We have not seen this since GM Judit Polgar played on the world chess circuit. Hou Yifan is now at the number one spot of Grenke Chess Classic with 2 successive wins.

Tomorrow Georg will face GM Caruana and we are sure Georg will recover with some more exciting chess then!