Grandelius och Jobava shared first place in Tepe Sigeman

Tepe Sigeman & C:o finished last Sunday, with all the final round games ending in draws. GM Nils Grandelius, now a top 100 player and Malmö AS star GM Baadur Jobava scored 3.0/5.0 each making them joint winners of the tournament. GM Erik Blomqvist and GM Pavel Eljanov shared the third and fourth places with 2.5/5.0. Indian star Dronavalli Harika shared the last place with Nigel Short.


The position after 21…f6 in the game Blomqvist – Jobava

The highlight in the last round was of course from Malmö AS point of view, Jobava’s Petroff Defense game vs GM Erik Blomqvist. The game followed Jobava’s earlier game vs GM Vishy Anand from the German Bundesliga from last autumn until move 13, where Blomqvist deviated with 13. Bb3. Jobava defended well, until 21…f6 where Erik had a chance to sacrifice his rook with Rxe6 followed by Bxh6. However Blomqvist decided to play safe with Re4 and the game ended in a draw.


Post-analysis with GM Stellan Brynell

Finally a big thank you to Limhamn’s Chess Club for a professional arrangement of this closed top tournament!