Here you can see a list of already signed up players.

The preliminary prize pool is calculated dynamically from the number of participants, and the final prize pool is decided and communicated prior to start of the second round. The preliminary prize pool is shown below when five players have signed up. Standard MAS-calculation of prize pool is in effect for this tournament.

Preliminary prize pool (24 players):

GUARANTEED BEAUTY PRIZE 500 SEK! Jury and sponsor – chairman Roger Magnusson

1st prize – 1700 SEK
2nd prize – 1000 SEK
3rd prize – 700 SEK
3 ranking prizes (for start number 8-13, 14-18 and 19-24 in order of ELO) – 400 SEK each


All electronic devices containing communication and/or microchip processor must be switched off during the game. Otherwise the game is decided as a loss for the breaching player.

Competitive rules (valid for ELO-calculated tournaments) decided by Swedish Chess Federation are in effect.


Here is a link to the tournament invitation in PDF-format.