Malmö AS – Swedish Team Champions!

Yesterday Malmö AS made history by becoming Swedish Team Champions after a comfortable win against Stockholm SS with 6½-1½. The only game that really became tough was between the chess prodigy FM Jung Min Seo (Stockholm SS) and IM Jasmin Bejtovic (Malmö AS), where Jasmin unfortunately had to eventually resign after a weakened d6 pawn and an constant pressure from Jung Min.

Another interesting game was between chess legend GM Ulf Andersson and Sam Kassani, where the latter player tried to capture Ulf’s queen in a semi-Slav game by sacrificing a pawn on c6.

However, Ulf calculated the different, complicated variants meticulously and Sam never achieved enough compensation for the pawn. An analysis of the game is available at Schacksnack.

Thanks to the somewhat surprising win by Lunds ASK over Team Viking, Malmö AS is now leading the Premium League table with 16 points ahead of Team Viking with 12 points, with only one game left.

A big congrats to all members of Malmö AS, all players and sponsors! See you next season!