Congrats Tiger for Deltalift win!

It was enough for Tiger Hillarp-Persson with three draws in the last three final rounds to secure the title at Deltalift Open in Tylösand, Halmstad. However, Tiger himself was not very happy with his performance:
– I had several chances to convert in the last games, for instance against Tikkanen, concluded Tiger. Even if I won the tournament, I should have performed better.

In any case, we say big congrats from all at Malmö AS!

The game against GM Tikkanen in the final round started out as a very sharp line in Dutch, with Hillarp playing the surprising move Kc7!? in the fifth move. Seems to be a technical novelty as no other games have been seen on Chessbase with this move! Probably a move Hillarp prepared.


Hillarp playing the Dutch against Tikkanen. Position after the odd-looking novelty 5. – Kc7

When entering the end-game, Hillarp had a clear advantage. In the below position Hillarp plays 35. …Rf2 but according to the Houdini engine Rd4 would increase the advantage because it does not allow white to play Rd5 as was played in the game. The game ended in a draw.


Position after 35. Rc5.

An article about the event can be found in the local newspaper Hallandsposten.