Dream start in Lund

International Master Jasmin Bejtovic about Swedish Premium League in Lund

It was a little more then two years ago that I published a chess article online. Some readers with, a bite more than average, interest in Swedish chess remember my blog Chess & Life. Nowadays, better heading would be Life & Chess considering my continuous straggle to get some place and time for chess in my life.

The reason that I write now is more then obvious. The new season of Elitserien, new club and new challenges. After six eventful years in Eksjö SK, I started to play for a club from the same city that I live in and at the same time in the club with clear ambitions to win the league, Malmö AS.

The team manager, Stefan Printz, underlined that winning the league is cool but not the highest priority for him personally. He values entertainment and exciting games as much as winning. Considering his briefing before the first round when we were lined against one of the main favorites, Rockaden Stockholm, I started really aggressive with black pieces against IM Robert Bator. I sacrificed one pawn in Volga Gambit style and took the initiative very early. During the middlegame I lost the thread and I was forced to to sarifice additional pawn just in order to keep my chances alive. In time trouble it became unclear and I succeeded to turn on the game. My opponent offered a draw but I was in a luxury position to decline the offer as my team-comrades sealed the victory in the match.

Soon, we reached the following position.
I played Rb2 and later on game ended in a draw (even though I had good winning chances near the end). it was first when I checked the game with the chess engine that I noticed what an easy win I missed.
1…g5!!  and black’s threat is g4 with a fork. White cannot take on g5 2. fxg5 because black can exchange the queens with a check 2…Dg4+ and pick up the rook on d1.

Some sharpness in the play is needed in order to take the full point in such games. The sharpness that I am obviously lacking after such pause and inactivity from tournament play.
The second day we played against current champions, Team Viking from Stockholm and I was on the bench, which was my comfortable chair with huge cop of coffe with FK Velež Mostar badge on it.

A new victory!!! (both for FK Velež and Malmö AS)
Malmö AS is leading the league with two big victories against two teams with were considered favorites for the title.

The third day was the time for match against Farsta SK (one more Stockholm club) and it was proven to be the hardest match of all. I played with white pieces against Armin Namini, a player that hade long pause from tournament play. According to his play, the pause didn’t caused any harm to his level and he did only one mistake in the game.

In the diagram position he just jumped in on d3 and now it’s white who has forcing win.
Once more, I missed my chance. Simple move 1.Kh1 would leave his queen hanging and at the same time he has to think about various threats such as  dxe7, d7, Qxd3….
I played 1.Rf3, Ne1 2. Rf2 and I thought I am winning, but after 2…Rxf2 3. Qxf2, Nxg2 4. d7 (not 4. dxe7, Qxa4 =)
I missed that after 4…Nxh4 5. gxh4, Qd5 6. Qa7 black has perpetual.

The missed victory didn’t influenced my mood. The team won and we are approaching 2018 at the top of the league.